We’ve developed our own version of RPI rankings for all Maryland Public High Schools. See our methodology below.


Our rankings are derived by using the Basic Open-source Nonlinear Mixed Integer programming (COIN-OR Bormin) solver that looks at point spread for every game. We use the same solver to look at who beat who each week over the course of the season. We also factor in RPI for each school and use a modified MPSSAA point system to calculate the final rankings.

Our modified MPSSAA point system is as follows:

4 Pts = 4A

3.5 Points = 4A-3A

3 Pts = 3A

2 Pts = 2A

1.5 Pts = 2A-1A

1 Pt = 1A

Teams receive bonus points based on the class of the school they beat each week.

The following is the calculation for the final power rating: