Friday, October 6th, the Panthers went into week six against the Great Mills Hornets with their heads held up high. After coming off a 42-0 win over Chopticon and going through homecoming week, the 5-0 Panthers have some high expectations. With returning Alumni and a winning streak to keep alive the steaks were high. The Hornets have decided to get the ball in the first half and this kickoff would start the week six game. The Panthers’ shut-out defense just keeps doing what they have done all season, forcing the punt. Great Mill’s offense was stopped and chose to punt, but they would get their revenge by forcing Patuxent to punt on their first drive. This game would start very defensively as the Panthers would again stop the Hornets, forcing another punt. The first offensive move would be made by the Panthers’ QB Evan Blouir and WR Evan Jones with a 60-yard Passing TD. Patuxent would take the lead with a 6-0 lead. With a little more than two minutes left the Hornets tried to get something going until getting stopped yet again by the Panther’s defense to end the quarter.

With the swap of field position, the Panthers were driving to the red zone until The Hornets were able to cause an interception in the end zone to give Great Mills the ball back. Even with a great turnover by the Hornet’s defense, the offense still couldn’t get anything going and was forced to another punt. This time though, the Panthers’ offense would go down and punch the ball into the end zone with a 2-yard QB sneak with Blouir to a Rushing TD, and they do the same thing to put two on the board. Now up 14-0, the Panthers lead the Hornets with about halfway the second quarter. The Hornets need something on offense, and they would drive until DB Robbie Weir intercepts the ball around midfield. The Panthers would go down the field and take the ball back into the end zone, this time being RB Daquan Buck with a 33-yard receiving touchdown. To end the half, Great Mills would go and score a 10-yard field goal to make the score 20-3 before halftime.

After a huge halftime show for homecoming and everyone hyped up, and the second half started. Patuxent would start with the second half, and you would think the second half would be just as exciting as the first. Well, you would be sort of wrong. After a turnover on downs by the Hornet’s defense, it was punt after punt after punt. It would total five cumulative punts in a row, which would run out the third quarter and go into the fourth. After the fifth punt, Blouir took control of the Patuxent offense one last time and would go and scored a 10-yard scrambling touchdown. This would put the score 27-3, Patuxent beating Great Mills. The ending factor would be another interception by Weir to close the game. The Panthers won 27-3 over Great Mills. The Panthers (6-0) will now prepare for their challenge against Northern. The Patriots come into the regional battle with a 5-1 record. The Hornets now have a 3-3 record. They take the field next when they host Calvert on Friday, October 13. The Cavaliers record now stands at 5-1. That is it from the Den, see you next week.

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