In The Den: Calvert Closing

On October 27th, the game to end all games happened. Not only was it the game of the week, not only was it PHS’s senior night, not only was it a county rivalry, but it was also to determine the one-seed of the 1A-2A divisional playoffs. The 7-1 Calvert Cavaliers vs the 8-0 Patuxent Panthers. This game was so huge that both home and away bleachers were packed, and the den was overflowing that night. It was a beautiful mid-60s and the sun was setting just as the Patuxent seniors were walking across the track. The scene was set and the coin was flipped.

Patuxent would kick off to their county rival to start the game. With a short return by Calvert, but after that, the Cavaliers got rolling. It was run after run after run, and it worked. Calvert was driving down the field and running down the first-quarter clock. It wouldn’t be until Calvert got into the red zone that the Panther’s defense would stop them. Forcing a 25-yard field goal to put the Cavaliers up 3-0. Even with Calvert scoring on the opening drive, that would just give Patuxent more motivation to score and to take the lead. After driving down the field for what felt like forever, the Panthers got into the red zone with seconds to spare in the quarter. The Calvert defense would hold and stop them, forcing them to turnover the ball on downs. That play would mark the end of the first quarter with Calvert leading 3-0.

Now on the other side of the field, the Cavaliers had their backs against their end zone. Calvert’s offense tried their best to get out of this sticky situation. They were driving down until about midfield. The Cavaliers would try to get a quick slant pass, but it would be deflected and intercepted by #8 Devin Stewart and returned for a short gain. With this new burst of hope, the Panthers would drive and try to punch the ball in for a touchdown. They would be sadly stopped yet again, getting another turnover on downs. It wouldn’t be long until the Panthers would get another chance to score. The Patuxent defense was able to force a quick punt by Calvert. This gave #15 Evan Blouir the chance to pass and run the ball downfield until he got a goal-line rushing TD. This would put Patuxent up 7-3 halfway through the second quarter. The Cavaliers would try to score right before halftime but would punt around midfield. Giving the Panthers one last chance to score within the final minute of the 1st half. With the fourth trip to the red zone for Patuxent wouldn’t be the second time they score. The Cavaliers defense would get an interception to end the 1st half, Patuxent leading 7-3.

After a halftime performance by the senior cheerleaders and the dance team, the Panthers were ready to receive the second-half kickoff. This second wind would be stopped by the Cavaliers by forcing a punt. Calvert would take the ball downfield while running the clock out to score a goal-line rushing TD. This would give the Cavaliers the lead-back 10-7. Within the first four minutes of the 2nd half, the Panthers would have the ball for the second time. This drive would also have a short life and Patuxent would be forced to punt yet again. The clock was under two minutes until the 3rd quarter, the Cavaliers went to work. Calvert would use their run-and-run clock technique to waste out any time there was left right after they went down and scored another goal-line rushing TD. Extending their lead 17-7 to top off the 3rd quarter.

4th quarter, a two-score game, for the one-seed, who will come out on top? Well, it would be the defense of both teams that would decide that. Calvert’s defense would force Patuxent’s offense to punt, but the Panther’s defense would return the favor. When forcing the punt, Patuxent’s offense got back at it. This drive, however, except for punting the ball again. They would put their trust in their run offense. That decision would pay off because #2 Daquan Buck would punch in another goal-line TD. Making the point deficit now only to 4 points, 17-14. Each team knew their job with only a couple of minutes left in the game. All Calvert had to do was keep the ball and run the clock, but Patuxent had to stop them and score. One team did their job, and that was Patuxent. Forcing the punt and using their last timeout gave them two minutes to get three points. This final push would be stopped by a controversial intentional grounding call on Blouir. This call resulted in a safety due to Blouir being in the end zone when he threw the ball. This would hand the win to Calvert 19-14. This final would move Calvert to the one-seed and put Patuxent down to the two-seed. As of October 28th, the playoff brackets have not been made but there is no doubt that these two teams will face off again in the postseason. This is the final writing from In The Den, enjoy the postseason.

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