Battle Of the Birds, Westminster Owls vs FSK Eagles (10/6/23)

The Owls came to the Eagles nest on 10/6 still holding on to the second best record in the county. They are looking to improve their record to 6-1. As the Eagles are still seeking a crooked number in the win column. The Eagles defense is a key factor in this game as the Owls tend to put up big numbers on offense.

The Eagles knew that this would be a tough matchup, but still had high hopes for the outcome. They Owls struck first on a 15 yard touchdown pass from Kyrece Walker, (Westminster Quarterback). This and the extra point put the Owls up 7-0 in the first.

In the third quarter the Owls scored again on a deep ball from Kyrece Walker once again with a 50 yard touchdown down the right sideline. Kyrece Walker is having a great passing game.

After that touchdown from Westminster, the Eagles finally got on the board with a rushing touchdown from Ben Stevens, (FSK Quarterback) and they also converted the 2-pt conversion to cut the Owls lead to 5.

The Eagles were making a comeback until the Owls scored a rushing touchdown in the 4th and then another passing touchdown shortly after this.

The Owls win and Kyrece Walker has a great passing game throwing for 233 yards and three passing touchdowns in this big win. The Owls now move to 6-1 and are only behind Winters Mill in Carroll County. The Eagles are now 1-6 and have another in-county game next Friday at Manchester Valley Highschool.

Hunter Berkau

FSK Highschool

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