Eagles season comes to an end in Middletown, FSK vs Middletown (11/3/23)

After ending the regular season on a tough loss to South Carroll, the Eagles headed to Middletown to take on the Knights for their first playoff matchup this year. FSK were 1-8 heading into the matchup and were seen as the underdog. Middletown was 5-5 coming off a hot end of the regular season.

The Eagles got off to a hot start and drove downfield and got a touchdown from Keyondre Groomes, (FSK Running Back) in the first quarter. This had the energy high on the sidelines. The Eagles missed the two point conversion but started off the game with a 6-0 lead.

The Knights must have took this personal because they came out hot and put up 28 points before the half on four rushing touchdowns. Griffin Sheridan, (Knights Running Back) had a pair of touchdowns at halftime and would later add onto that.

The Eagles looked burnt out coming into the second half as the defense had been on the field for a lot of time. The Eagles looked to get something going on the third but just couldn’t get the job done and the Knight came to play. They scored twice more, one passing touchdown and another rushing from Griffin Sheridan. This put the Knights up 41-6 in the fourth.

The Eagles had one more drive before their season was over, but they made the most of this drive getting downfield and George Taku, (FSK Running Back) getting his first touchdown of the year. He also added onto the score taking in the 2-point conversion.

The Eagles season had come to an end with the final score of the game being 41-14. The Knights would go on to take on Liberty next week, another out of county challenge for the now 6-5 Knights.

Hunter Berkau

FSK Highschool

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