Friday Night Lightning, FSK Eagles VS North County Knights (9/8 and 9/15)

On a rainy Friday afternoon and scattered storms in the area, North County Highschool football team headed to Francis Scott Key High to take on the Eagles in their home opener. As both teams took the field, the lightning alarm sounded and teams were instructed back to locker rooms for the time being but after a brief 15 minutes the skies had cleared.

The Eagles received the ball as North County Kicked off. Jermaine Dawson was in the backfield to return the kick, with a burst of speed he took the ball all the way to around the 50 yard line. This gave the Eagles a confident and energetic start on the sideline.

But shortly after this the Eagles turned the ball over and gave North County the next shot at scoring. Eagles held them till fourth down when they North County QB launched a 40+ yard pass down the field for a touchdown. The kicker then missed the XP. The Eagles energy had been slightly depleted heading into the next drive.

The Eagles were now on the field trying to tie this game up as the rain started to come down harder. This was drive let right up the about midway through the second quarter when the Eagles had gotten the ball in the redzone. And with this offensive push the energy was back on the sideline. As lightning strikes, Keyondre Groomes, (FSK Running back) runs the ball in for a touchdown. The touchdown counted but there was no time left to kick the extra point before both teams had to head into the locker room.

After a lengthy wait with both teams anxiously waiting to get back on on the field the game was called off and was to be resumed on another day.

Braedon Haven, (FSK Receiver) states “If we come out on Monday with the same energy we had going into that locker on Friday, there’s no doubt in my mind we will go out there and win that game”

The game was resumed on a beautiful Monday night the following week. With the Eagles coming out to pick up right where they started as Andrew Vogel, (FSK Kicker) nails the extra point and the eagles go up by one.

This eagles lead was short lived as shortly later in the third quarter the North County QB kept the ball for himself and ran in for 6. They miss another XP but this touch down is what would win them the game after a very defensive game. Colton Feister, (Eagles Cornerback) had multiple picks this game and was a huge factor in keeping this game close.

The Eagles couldn’t get the job done as the game ended when Ben Stevens, (FSK Quarterback) threw a costly interception in the end-zone and North County ran the clock out to hold on to the victory.

Hunter Berkau FSK Highschool

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