FSK Eagles say “Knight Knight” to Century (9/29/23)

In week 5, on Friday, September 29th the Eagles traveled to Century High School still seeking their first win of the season after suffering some tough losses. This was the Eagles first away game since their first game of the season. The Knights were also seeking their first win of the season after an 0-4 start.

With the Knights not having a strong suit in run defense the Eagles game plan was to use that to their advantage as much as possible running for 261 rushing yards and 4 rushing touchdowns to go along with that. Jermaine Dawson, (FSK Running Back) started the show with a 74-yard breakout run that had the Eagles confidence up high early Jermaine Dawson, and Keyondre Groomes, (FSK Running Backs) both had a pair of touchdowns that led the Eagles to their first victory this season. Ben Stevens, (FSK Quarterback) also added to the beat down with his own rushing touchdown. After the game, Jermaine Dawson said “I am just happy to finally see this team succeed and be able to be a big part in this team win tonight. It felt good to finally get into the end-zone for my first touchdown this season.” His rushing abilities really helped this team have a burst of confidence.

The Eagles played another amazing game on defense which they have been doing all year, the difference in this game was that they got the running game going early. The Eagles held the Knights to 58 total yards. Colton Feister, (FSK Cornerback) had a big pick in the redzone for the Eagles early in the game.

With a big win for the Eagles their record goes to 1-4 and Century drops to 0-5. The Eagles want to keep the energy high for the rest of the season with a tough schedule coming up including the undefeated Westminster Owls next Friday night.

Hunter Berkau

FSK Highschool

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