In The Den: Lackey Leap

With the temperature finally dropping, week three kickoff of the Patuxent Panthers vs the Lackey Chargers, dropped into the hands of the Panthers. On the starting drive after a short pass by Evan Blouir to Tristan Borgholthaus, the ball was fumbled and given to the Chargers. After a short drive by Lackey, the Patuxent defense was able to hold them on a short 4th down, to get the ball back. On the third play of the drive, Blouir let the ball rip back to Borgholthaus for a spectacular one-handed catch for a 90-yard touchdown reception to put the Panthers in the lead 7-0. The Chargers went on a quarter-ending drive with run after run after run. At the end of the first quarter, Patuxent was up 7-0 against the Chargers.

Lackey started the second quarter with the ball but after a mid-field stop by Patuxent’s defense, the Panthers got the ball back in midfield range. With the promise of a Panther score the Lackey defense sacked Blouir and forced another fumble. That was the second turnover of the game made by the Charger’s defense. Lackey would take this drive to the end zone to put the Chargers on the board 7-7. With this close of a game, both teams were scrambling on what to do to stay undefeated. With tensions rising between the teams, both teams needed something to put them in front. Evan Jones on PHS did exactly that on a kick return TD.

This brought spirits back to the Panther’s sideline, with them regaining the lead to 14-7. This wouldn’t be the end of Patuxent’s rally, with a three and out by their defense, Patuxent had the ball again. This time Blouir showed off his legs rather than his arm. Blouir had a 40-yard scrambling touchdown to grow the lead to 21-7 against the Chargers. Then to end the quarter the Panthers wanted the ball back to grow the lead even more. The defense had yet another shutout, making Lackey punt. With less than two minutes left, the Panthers drove down again with Daiquan Buck punching a 2-yard touchdown right before halftime. Now the Panthers have a commanding lead of 28-7 over the Chargers.

After yet another great halftime performance by PHS, it was time to continue the game. With Lackey down by 21 points, they needed to do something on offense. That is exactly what they did on the opening drive, Lackey goes down with a run-powered drive by the Charges puts another six on the board. The score gap now closes down to 15, with Lackey trailing 28-13. Now Patuxent had a chance to retaliate. With a good return and a great drive by the Panther’s offense, it was stopped on the one-yard line, just short of the end zone. With a stop like this by the Chargers defense it had Lackey’s moral back up and running. Sadly for them, it would be cut short by the Panther’s defense to have yet another shutout. Ending the third quarter 28-13, with the Panthers winning over the Chargers.

Down by 15, Lackey needed something big here to stay alive in this game. The Charger’s defense did just that, on the third play of the drive the defense was able to recover yet another fumble due to a low snap. With the newfound hope for the Chargers, they drove down the field to score yet another touchdown. It is now 28-20 with a little less than 10 minutes left, could Patuxent hold on? Evan Blouir and the PHS defense said yes, with a quick drive and a 25-yard scrambling TD.  PHS then had a 15-point lead over the Chargers, 35-20. With Lackey running out of options, and pinned within the 5-yard line due to the kickoff. What could they do? For Dylan Vojtasko, all that they could do is get sacked in the end zone for a safety. With a safety and a quick drive ending the game 37-20, Patuxent over Lackey. Next week Patuxent will face McDonough, and Lackey will face Northern. Good luck to all from the Den.

Stats from Max Preps:


Evan Blouir – 15/19, 239 Passing Yards, 1 Passing TD, 11 Carries, 95 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TDs

Daiquan Buck – 15 Carries, 122 Rushing Yards, 1 TD

Tristan Borgholthaus – 3 Receptions, 111 Yards, 1 TD

Dylan Vojtasko – 1 Solo Tackle, 2 Assist Tackles, 1 Safety


As of September 17th, no stats have been entered.

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