In the Den: Warrior Week

Hello dear reader, before we get to the game I want to tell you a little bit about me. I am a Junior at Patuxent High School and I play for the Varsity Football Team. Every week I will be giving you a recap of the game, some highlights, and stat lines that happen in the Den.

This first week, on Friday 9/1, was Patuxent Panthers vs. La Plata Warriors in the den. After 50 minutes on the bus La Plata got quickly changed and started warming up immediately. While inside the Football Locker Room, PHS got ready for the season opener at home. Both teams are waiting for redemption from last year. La Plata, coming off a 0-10 season was hoping to start this season with a win. Patuxent on the other hand coming off an 11-3 season and making it to the State Championship. Both teams were ready for this game.

With the stands packed and the teams warmed up, it was time for kickoff. The warriors won the toss and chose to defer to the second half. I apologize for any vagueness, as of 9/3/23, La Plata has not entered any information about their team’s stats. With Caleb Davila #5 and Jacari Frederick #7, back for the return, no one was ready for what was about to happen. With the blocking of the kick return team, Davila returned a 64-yard touchdown for the Panthers. For La Plata, it would be only the start of their troubles. With an unsuccessful two-point attempt, the warriors were ready to get some quick points on the board. Noah Underwood #80, the kicker for PHS lined up the kick, and La Plata’s returner had about a 20-yard return. With a quick, 3-and-out by the PHS defense, the offense was back on the field. After a 40-yard scramble by QB Evan Blouir #15, PHS was able to punch in a touchdown with a 2-yard run by RB Daiquan Buck #2. The Panthers were now up 12-0 after trying for another two-point conversion.

 After this La Plata’s offense couldn’t connect and the defense struggled to stop Patuxent’s offense. Every drive that La Plata had was stopped by PHS’s defense, it was punt after punt for them. Every drive Patuxent had, they put points on that board, though there was one drive where five 40+ yard touchdowns were called back due to offensive penalties. But after the longest 1st quarter ever, PHS was able to get the football in the end zone without a flag with a 17-yard scramble by Blouir, and a successful two-point conversion by a three-yard reception by Davila. The offense and the defense was so effective that with 30 seconds left in the quarter, Evan Jones #26, had a 22-reception touchdown. At the end of the first quarter, PHS was winning 28-0.

After the first quarter, the panther’s offense found their groove. Evan Jones had another 25-yard touchdown reception. Keiden Gutierrez #6 had a 15-yard reception touchdown to end the quarter for PHS, Patuxent had grown their lead to 42-0. After the amazing halftime show that included the cheerleaders, marching band, and dance team, Patuxent was ready to finish La Plata. Since Patuxent was up by 42, in the second half the time will not stop running unless a timeout is called. Throughout the second half, PHS got to see its second team in action. Buck had another 34-yard touchdown, to make the game 49-0.

On the last drive of the 3rd quarter, the warriors had a spark of hope. One of Warriors had an amazing 50-yard catch off a defensive deflection to get them close to the red zone. La Plata was able to get to around the seven-yard line but got stopped by the Panther’s defense. To end the game Patuxent had a 91-yard screen pass to Davila to close the game, 56-0. It was a game for the ages, PHS ability to hold La Plata to a shutout at the high school level is impressive. Now Patuxent prepares themselves for next Friday against Huntingtown in the den. La Plata will have to re-group for next Friday for North Point if they don’t want a repeat of last year. Good luck to both teams on their road to the championship.

Game Stats from Max Preps:


Evan Blouir #15 – 9/15, 257 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TDs, 7 Carries, 93 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD

Daiquan Buck #2 – 8 Carries, 95 Yards, 2 TDs

Evan Jones #26 – 3 Receptions, 85 Yards, 2 TDs

Kam’ron Bryant #23 – 3 Solo Tackles, 1 Assist, 2 TFL

Noah Underwood #80 – 4/4 PATs

La Plata:

As of September 3rd, no information on La Plata’s stat line is available.

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