South Hagerstown beat the FSK Eagles in a thriller (10/20/23)

South Hagerstown took a long bus ride down to Francis Scott Key High School on 10/20 to take on the Eagles on their Senior Night. The South Hagerstown Rebels had a positive record sitting at 4-3 coming into this game versus the Eagles, while the Eagles are 1-6, eager for another win.

The Eagles came into this game with a different approach, a dual quarterback technique, using both Ben Stevens and Jermaine Dawson at quarterback. The Eagles started this game with the ball and Jermaine Dawson, (FSK Quarterback) made some electric plays to start the game but ends up throwing a redzone pick early in the first quarter.

The Rebels strike first on a keep from the quarterback who runs it in on his own. But not long after the Eagles strike back on a drive put together by Ben Stevens, (FSK Quarterback) making some big runs and throws that led to a Keyondre Groomes, (FSK Running Back) touchdown and a completed 2-point conversion from Colton Feister, (FSK Receiver).

The Eagles forced the Rebels to punt and got the ball back with a one-point lead and drove down the field once again, but Ben Stevens was picked off in the redzone. This was the second redzone pick thrown by the Eagles this game.

South Hagerstown turned that turnover into a huge 50-yard touchdown but ended up missing the 2-point conversion attempt. This put the Rebels up 13-8 at halftime.

The away team got the ball back after half and once again got a drive going that led to another touchdown from Andre Cooper, (Rebels Running Back) and made it seem as if South Hagerstown was running away with this one early in the third.

Eagles said not so fast, and came back on offense swinging. They drove right down the field and Jermaine Dawson who was now at running back looked angry on a 20 yard rushing touchdown trucking multiple defenders on his way to the endzone. Mitchell Smith, (FSK Receiver) also came up with another conversion on a 2-point play.

The Eagles were creeping back. After a few punts from both teams the Eagles had the ball back and were desperate to cut more into this lead. They did so with a crazy 50 yard touchdown pass from Ben Stevens to Mitchell Smith. Not only did Mitchell Smith get the touchdown but he converted his second 2-point play of the game. This game was now neck and neck.

The Eagles had multiple chances in the 4th to get ahead of the Rebels but just couldn’t pull through to get the job done. The game ended with the Rebels winning by a score of 27-24.

The Eagles now have a 1-7 record going into their last regular season game against South Carroll next Friday. The Rebels are now 5-3 and are two games above .500 going into their last game as well.

Hunter Berkau

FSK Highschool

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